Creativity with Insects

As you can see from the photographs posted on my website, I am in love with the natural world. Many works of art try to mimic the colors, shapes, and movement of our own environment, but I think nothing can compare to the actual thing. The mysteries shrouded under the water ripples, birds calling through the bushes that conceal their location, the buzz among the garden flowers. Capturing these moments, these snapshots of our environment, bring to light the wonders that many people overlook on a daily basis. This non-biting male midge (see image below) is only half an inch long, and is resting on a leaf of Circium pitcheri, the threatened dune thistle in the sands surrounding Lake Michigan. I found him as we researched the relationship between an invasive seed-eating weevil and their dune thistle hosts. The beautiful delicate specimen would have been left alone if I were not inspecting the plant for damage.

Male non-biting midge on dune thistle leaf.

For the next few weeks I will be posting about various artists who use insects directly in their artwork. Their reasons span widely, from the simple coloration to talking about invasive species. Stay tuned every week on Friday to learn about the insect world and a few artist who understand the intricasy of these little lives and how they connect to ecosystem functioning.

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