Merging the Gaps of Art and Science

Welcome to my website and new blog! I am incredibly excited to share with you some posts about merging the arts and the sciences. Over the past years I have worked to tighten the perceived gap that exists between the so-called hard academia and the more whimsical artistic expressions.

My undergraduate senior Honors in the Arts exhibition opening took place in May of 2014. This exhibit, titled Wonders of Wisconsin: A Study on Insect Macrophotography, centered around the small lives that we pass by every day, barely taking notice.

While I got ready for the show, I took a step back to see how far I came in terms of my photographic and computer editing skills, as well as the knowledge I have accumulated during my extensive research. Since August 2013 I had been working extensively on my honors thesis, building connections between human and insect life. At first I was simply photographing my collection of insects to make them more accessible to a wider audience. It turns out that, like most things in life, these connections not only relate to human-insect interactions, but also human-human and human-environment interactions.

I wanted to emphasize the impacts the little things in life have on the greater environment. Everything we as humans do impacts not only our next action but also the actions and possibly thoughts of those around us. Kind words and actions are contagious, and can start chain reactions for the better. We are not alone in this world; we share it with many plant and animal life forms, plenty of which are not even scientifically described. Even the smallest organisms, such as my personal favorites, bees,, positively impact the environment, whether that be by pollinating native flowers or serving as a food source for other vertebrates.

Take a moment today to notice the little things in nature that allow the world to survive, appreciate the insects commonly overlooked, listen to the sounds the wind and wings make, feel the sun’s rays on your face and know you are a small part of something greater.

Once more I am looking back at how my perception of the sciences and arts have molded based on my experiences in both. Each has impacted me on multiple levels, and I plan to continue to incorporate both into my daily life and future career as I pursue a Master's in entomology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I hope you enjoy the photographs I will be posting within the next month or so (in between my field research), and check back in periodically for more information on how people have already merged the arts and sciences in more ways than just photography.

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