Brenna Lynn Decker

About Me

2019 Ph.D Candidate in Biology, USU

2015-2017 Master's Degree in Entomology, UIUC

2010-2014 Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Studio Art, Lawrence University

I became interested in photography at an early age, photographing the insects and reptiles in my back yard (I still do to this day!). From expansive landscapes to macrostructures on an insect cutical, my photography focuses on the often overlooked wonders that surround us.


My photographs have been used in several publications, including promotional calendars for Lawrence University and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources newsletters as well as published scientific research articles. When I can, I enter work into various art exhibitions, and have won several competitions, honorable mentions, and had opportunities to host solo exhibitions.

While most of my photography has been of non-human subjects, I am starting my journey as an event and product photographer. Currently I live in Cache Valley in Utah, but am willing to drive for on-site events.